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Get the deets on why we need to see some ID, please.

You’re standing at the counter of a car rental place. Yes, you’ll take the extra insurance. No, you are not transporting live animals of an exotic nature.

Yes, your mother may enter the car at some point, but she’s seeing a counselor and her road rage is under control now—thanks for asking.

Eventually, the person across the desk asks you to pony up your driver’s license. Makes sense—you’re asking to drive a car, and that requires a license that proves you can actually operate one. But that’s not all, folks. Your ID is more than a laminated report card that says you’ve earned a gold star at not running into things.

In reality, it’s just as important to prove you are who you say you are, you know? Putting your face to your name proves it’s not someone running around, using your identity willy nilly—to hop on a flight, get into a bar, charge something on your credit card, wreak havoc at your local go-kart track, etc.

We use it for the same thing. If you have the Gotcha app, we’ve asked you to upload a photo ID before you ride.

It’s not because we have an office pool about the worst license photo (partially, because we’ve got equally embarrassing skeletons in that photo booth).

It’s because we’re offering you the opportunity to hop on a piece of motorized transportation. In most places, that requires you to be of a certain age.

Gotcha - Why we need your license

So you’re old enough to ride. That’s cool and happy to have you. But we’re also trusting you with something we’ve invested real dollars in.

We love giving people access to electric mobility products, including some options that people may not have the money to own outright. Not because we want to come after you if something small goes wrong—stuff happens.

Have any other questions about riding with Gotcha? Feel free to hit up our Rider Experience team. You can text or call them at 844-254-7174, or email support@ridegotcha.com.

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