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Some of our fav hidden (and not-so-hidden) Syracuse gems.

We always say mobility is freedom…but freedom to do what? It’s a question we toss around a lot. Sure, it means you’re free to do what you need to do—run errands, get to class, tackle your daily commute. But that sweet, sweet ability to easily get around can be just as much fun as it is function. 

To celebrate that fact (and the launch of our rad new e-bikes), we’re putting together quick guides to some of our favorite spots in our systems throughout the country—starting with Syracuse, New York.

After working closely with The City of Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh, 500 e-bikes are now live on the streets. While joining the community to celebrate the new e-bike system, we swung by five sweet spots you have to check out.

  • Address: 307-313 S Clinton Street, Syracuse, NY 13202

  • Hours: 9am–12am, Sunday–Thursday | 9am–2am, Friday–Saturday

  • Social: @funknwaffles

  • Funk n’ Favorite: The Mackinac: locally sourced spinach and mozzarella stuffed waffle with smoked turkey and side of sour cream.

One of the upsides to that aforementioned freedom? A well-rounded approach to food. Riding around town got more than a few members of the #GotchaGang hungry (bordering on hangry – you know who you are), and that’s when we saw Funk n’ Waffles.

A locally-owned gem started by students for students brought back serious memories for our CMO Anne Morgan, a Syracuse University alum.

What makes it stand out? Live music paired with a seemingly endless menu of waffles, including traditional recipes like buttermilk alongside a savory creation piled high with pork. So pedal on over to Funk n’ Waffles for great food at reasonable prices in a super rad environment.

FunkNWaffles, Syracuse, NY

Photo courtesy of @wanderlustonabudget.


Photo courtesy of @funknwaffles.


Photo courtesy of @elisechill.

  • Address: 307-313 S Clinton Street, Syracuse, NY 13202

  • Hours: 11:30am–10pm, Tuesday–Thursday | 11:30am–11pm, Friday–Saturday | Closed, Monday

  • Social: @xo_taco

  • XOXO: Flaming Hot Cheetos Street Corn. Any dish that works in a snack as an integral element is #GotchaGang approved.

As a relatively new addition to Syracuse, we had to roll by and give this joint a try.

It’s hot, y’all! Grass walls and literal neon lips around give this place that ultra grammable vibe. The only thing better than the space is the food.

The tacos. Holy crap, the tacos. Our mouths are watering just thinking about them, so hop on a bike and pedal your way down to this place ASAP.


Photo courtesy of @xotaco.


Photo courtesy of @xotaco.



Photo courtesy of

  • Address: 225 W Jefferson Street, Syracuse, NY 13202

  • Hours: 10am–8pm, Tuesday–Saturday | 12pm–6pm, Sunday | Closed, Monday

  • We’re Wild About: The space. Surround yourself with local art and live local music.

While we could easily share a list dominated by local dishes, we took a detour to Wildflowers Armory. This local marketplace plays host to multiple makers, artists, and creators – the ARTrepreneurs.

Look around the collective and you’ll find unique artwork, homegrown products, Syracuse-inspired apparel, and plenty of other eclectic items.

But that’s not all folks. It also serves as a space for workshops, intimate performances, and curated exhibitions.


Photo courtesy of @wildflowers_syr.


Photo courtesy of @heathermcclell. 


Photo courtesy of @fakenasaofficial.

  • Address: 325 S Clinton Street, Syracuse, NY 13202

  • Hours: 8am–8pm, daily

  • Social: @eatdrinkmalt

  • Modern Favorite: The Pigs Benedict

Ok, back to food. Do y’all love the diner vibe as much as we do? Then look no further than Modern Malt. Yes—the teal decor may make this place especially near and dear, but the food has no problem speaking for itself.

Each dish is picture-perfect for the “pics or it didn’t happen” crowd.

Every bite is a reflection of this eatery’s name, serving up traditional plates with a contemporary flair.

Take General Tso’s Chicken & Waffles for example. Or our favorite, The Pigs Benedict.


Photo courtesy of @thrillist.

Modern Malt, Syracuse, New York, Mimosas

Photo courtesy of @frostbitten802.

Modern Malt-Pigs Benedict-Syracuse New York

Photo courtesy of @sundaeonasunday_.

  • Address: Thornden Park Drive, Syracuse, NY 13210

  • Hours: 6am–9pm, daily

  • Gotcha Favorite: E.M. Mills Memorial Rose Garden. The colors are breathtakingly beautiful.

We know, we know. Our hearts are very clearly guided by our stomachs. If you need a chance to let all that goodness digest (maybe not if, more like when), stop by Thornden Park next to Syracuse University.

Locals were all too happy to share how beautiful this free park is, especially when the roses are in bloom.

Other cool spots around the park include a six-lane swimming pool, athletic fields for football, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, and basketball, and a good ol’ playground.


Photo courtesy of @wanderlustonabudget.


Photo courtesy of @cnycentral.


Photo courtesy of @maggierothwell.

If you hit up one of our favorite spots from this list, be sure to share your experience and tag @ridegotcha. Learn more about Gotcha’s Syracuse Sync Bike Share at

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