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Safety’s our top priority, plain and simple. Follow the guidelines below to make sure everyone has a good time and avoids any boo boos.
  • bike
  • ride
  • scoot
Stuff happens. Before you take off, give the bike a quick once over to make sure there are no issues. Maybe adjust the seat height too.
You have brakes for a reason (to slow down). Brake early, use gradual pressure, and avoid quick squeezes.
Our automatic lights make you more visible and less likely to hit something.
Riding safely is your top job, but always wear a helmet—just in case.
Make sure everything is stowed properly to avoid randomly flying objects.
Make sure you properly lock and unlock your bike to keep moving parts away from other moving parts.
Cars are bigger than you, and they hurt. Be vigilant and follow all local traffic laws.
Keep your eyes peeled for stuff like traffic cones, potholes, and pedestrians.
Buckle up any time you ride, whether it’s around town or around the block.
Watch for passing traffic any time you’re getting in or out of the ride.
Our drivers are happy to answer any questions, but please let them concentrate on the road ahead.
When waiting for your ride, do it in a safe area free of traffic, gremlins, or any other hazards.
It’s a good idea to avoid lightspeed. Use the throttle gradually to scoot safely.
Sometimes it’s time to pump the brakes. Brake early, use gradual pressure, and avoid quick squeezes.
Our automatic lights help light your way and make you more visible to others.
Protect your dome any time you go scootin’ around. You just never know, ya know?
Put your kickstand in the upright and locked position before taking off to avoid surprises.
Every place is different, please follow your local laws.