UNC-Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC

Our convenient bike share system makes it easy to get where you need to go on campus, whether you’re heading to class, on your way to study in the library, or just want to take a quick ride for funsies before you head home.



1 hour free

1 hour/day free, 30 minutes in hold time

$6/hour overage fee up to $24 max + $30 if kept after 24 hours




$30/year for UNC & Hospital affiliates

2 hours/day free, 60 minutes in hold time

No smartphone? No problem.

Special Programs

Additional Pricing Info

  • $5 fee for locking a bike outside an official hub, but within the system area.
  • $50 fee for locking a bike outside of the system area. The system area is outlined in the map below.
  • Maximum charge for riding time is $24 per day per bike.
  • Only one bike may be reserved and/or checked out at one time.
  • Trips are prorated to the minute.
  • Put a bike on “hold” before locking it to a rack to maintain your reservation. The clock will keep ticking. The maximum hold time is 30 minutes for the daily plan and 60 minutes for the lifestyle plan.
  • Clock starts when you reserve a bike via mobile/web.
  • Prices don’t include sales tax.

Rewards Program

Do you want to become more involved with Tar Heel Bikes and earn ridership credits along the way? We need users, just like you, to naturally rebalance the system to ensure there are bikes available at all stations for users! How to earn credits:

  • Earn $1 in Tar Heel Bikes credits when returning a bike to a designated hub location that was previously parked outside of a hub.
  • Earn $2 in Tar Heel Bikes credits when starting your ride at a priority hub. Priority hubs are subject to change but are labeled (p) on the system map on the app and website.

How It Works

Create an account

• Download the SoBi app*
• Find your network

Unlock & ride

On the bike’s keypad:
• Enter account number
• Enter 4-digit PIN

Park & Lock

• Locate a hub
• Lock and leave

For any questions please contact us at

Where to find us